Nearby Attractions

Garjia Temple

Placed in the mid of the river Kosi is one of the most famous temples of Ramnagar, Garjia Temple, located in Garjia village, just 14 km from Ramnagar. A huge rock accommodates the home of Goddess Garjia, which can be reached by devotees after climbing several flights of stairs.

Sitabani Forest Reserve

Sitabani Forest Reserve is about 10 km from Ramnagar. The reserve provides an abode to a good number of wildlife, including tiger, leopard, barking deer, jackals, wild boars, elephant and king cobra.

Corbett Water Fall

25 km from Ramnagar lies a wonderful surprise of nature, pouring ice-cold and pristine water from a height of 60 feet against the backdrop of calm green surroundings. A refreshing sight for the eyes, one can even jump into it to refresh all the senses of the body.

Sunrise Point

The highest peak in the park provides a perfect vantage point to have a panoramic view of both Kosi and Ramganga rivers along with the encompassing area of Bhuwankhal village (located nearby).


The trip aims at exploring the Corbett landscape region through adventure and nature based activities. One of the focus areas will be an introduction to mountain bicycling along with short treks, night camps in the forest, adventure, farming & wildlife based modules to provide a through exposure to the Corbett landscape forest and its many facets. The participants will ride bicycles along gentle routes through foothill villages and farmlands with a few mildly challenging routes in the forest, camp along forest streams, or near old temples, explore wildlife in the dense jungles of the Corbett region.

Corbett Museum

Where stands the Corbett museum today was once the home of Mr. Jim Corbett, who was a hunter in his early life, but turned into an animal lover and naturalist later on. The memorial of the man who made immense contribution in the opening of this National Park is located at Kaladhungi (a town in Nainital district).